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FOTOVO EU Cersion 5kW Hybrid Inverter – Supports Parallel Use


  • 4kw 5kw hybrid solar inverter
  • Can be paralleled
  • Suitable for European home users
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The EU Version 5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter is the excellent option for property owners looking for dependable and efficient power management. And meanwhile, packed with innovative modern technology, this inverter delivers unmatched efficiency, changing your home’s power usage.

EU Version 5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter:  Power Your Home with Efficiency and Assurance

Release Unmatched Effectiveness and Control

  • Superior Battery Charging

Experience extraordinary charging capacities with an optimal output of 200A. This ensures your batteries are efficiently charged, offering sufficient power to satisfy your home’s needs and eliminate interruptions caused by power outages.

  • Comprehensive Defense

Delight in peace of mind with integrated safeguards against overvoltage, overcurrent, and getting too hot. These integrated securities shield your gadgets and the inverter itself from any electrical incidents, prioritizing security whatsoever times.

  • Smart Time Monitoring

Take control of your power use with time-slot billing and discharging capabilities. Maximize off-peak hours by scheduling your hybrid solar inverter to bill throughout durations with lower power prices. This not just saves you money however also advertises a more sustainable way of life.

  • Effortless Setup

The user-friendly style makes certain a smooth and uncomplicated setup procedure, even for those with minimal technological know-how. So, be up and running rapidly, taking pleasure in the advantages of clean, renewable energy in no time at all.

  • Advanced Battery Compatibility

This hybrid solar inverter flaunts assistance for Lithium-ion battery BMS interaction and double BMS activation, using compatibility with different battery types. And then, pick the battery that best matches your requirements, customizing your power service for a customized experience.

  • Durable Integrity

Invest with self-confidence many thanks to the generous 5-year warranty included with the EU Version 5kW hybrid solar inverter. So, this prolonged guarantee offers peace of mind and guarantees your investment is protected.

With its outstanding features, easy to use procedure, and unequaled effectiveness, the EU Version 5kW inverter is a game-changer. So, take control of your energy intake, delight in the benefits of a lasting way of life, and experience the future of home power monitoring.



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