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FOTOVO All-In-One ESS 20kw 30kw 50kw 100kw Integrated Energy Storage System

Using first-line brand system integration, high efficiency and more security;
Built-in photovoltaic storage inverter, directly connected to photovoltaic, more convenient;
Smart WiFi makes monitoring and management more secure;
Quick installation and wiring, more worry-free.

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50kw 100kw Commercial Integrated Energy Storage System

FOTOVO Integrated Energy Storage System ESS protects by:

  1. Enhance energy reliability through an energy storage solution that enables backup power for essential loads.
  2. Cut costs by minimizing or removing peak demand fees from utilities.
  3. Increase the use of self-generated renewable energy and engage in programs that manage electricity demand.
  4. Get ready for the evolving energy landscape by joining a commercial virtual power plant.
Product Paremeters

  • Micro grids rely heavily on energy storage to ensure a steady and reliable supply of power, whether it’s a single circuit in a building, a portable power station, or an entire campus. And we design our customizable energy storage solutions to cater to the unique power requirements of various projects. Moreover, they’re suitable for various applications.
  • Also, uninterruptible power supply serves as a crucial safeguard for businesses looking to shield themselves from the severe consequences of power failures, which can result in substantial financial losses. Our tailored energy storage solutions ensures they have the power they need to meet their critical energy requirements.
  • Peak shaving is a crucial cost-saving strategy for businesses, as demand charges, calculated based on peak power consumption in a 15-minute interval, often make up a substantial part of their electricity bills. Conventional renewable energy systems are unable to effectively reduce these charges without the support of energy storage solutions.
  • Companies are seeking dependable and economical energy solutions to alleviate the issues of inconsistent electricity supply and hefty peak demand charges. Our energy storage options are compatible with hybrid power generation systems.. You have the opportunity to reduce your energy expenses. Meanwhile it can reduce their environmental impact.

100kW hybrid solar kit


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