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FOTOVO Easy Installation Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Power Inverter 3000W

Pure sine wave output for clean, reliable power to your appliances.

Optional WIFI/GPRS support for remote monitoring and control (ideal for distant locations)

High-efficiency MPPT controller (up to 98%) to maximize solar energy harvest.

Built-in selectable MPPT/PWM 30-60A controller for flexible charging options.


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Welcome to the future of off-grid solar energy with the FOTOVO Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Power Inverter 3000W! With its advanced MPPT technology, this inverter ensures maximum power output from your solar panels, boosting efficiency and performance.

Not only does the FOTOVO inverter deliver pure sine wave output for smooth electrical performance, but it also operates quietly at less than 50 dB – perfect for residential or commercial applications. Plus, this inverter is built to withstand various environmental conditions because of a wide storage temperature range of -15℃-60℃ and an operating temperature range of 0℃-40℃.

Get ready to experience a seamless integration of renewable energy into your daily life with the FOTOVO 3000W Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter!


Looking for a reliable off-grid solar inverter to power up your home or business? Look no further than the FOTOVO 3000W Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Solar Inverter! Let’s dive into its impressive features that set it apart from the rest.

To begin with, equipped with MPPT technology, the off grid solar inverter maximizes solar energy utilization, optimizing efficiency and performance. This inverter tackles tough weather, enduring storage from -15°C to 60°C and operation from 0°C to 40°C.

What’s more, the noise level is kept below 50db, ensuring quiet operation while generating power silently in the background. Trust FOTOVO for all your off-grid solar needs!


The Off Grid Solar Inverter 3000W is a versatile and reliable solution for various off-grid solar power systems. Its 3000W capacity makes it suitable for residential and commercial applications, providing clean and stable electricity for various appliances and devices.

Whether you are looking to power your remote cabin or even a small household with clean and sustainable energy, this inverter can meet your needs effectively.

Embrace renewable energy with confidence and reliability by choosing this top-of-the-line off-grid solar inverter for all your power needs.


Product Parameter


AC Input voltageInput FormationL+N+PE
AC Input208/220/230/240VAC
Input Voltage Range154-264VAC±3V(Normal Mode)185-264VAC±3V(UPS Mode)
Frequency50/60Hz( Adaptive)
OutputRated Power3000W
Output Voltage208/220/230/240VAC±5%
Output Frequency50/60Hz±0.1%
Output WavePure Sine Wave
Transfer Time(Adjustable)10ms for Computer Equipment,20ms for Household Equipment
Peak Power6000VA
Overload AbilityBattery Mode:lmin@102%~110%load 10s@110%~130%load
3s@130%-150%load 200ms@>150%load
Peak Efficiency(Battery Model)>94%
BatteryRated Voltage24VDC
Constant Charging Voltage(Adjustable)28.2VDC
Float Charging Voltage(Adjustable)27VDC
ChargerCharging MethodMPPT
Max PV Input4000W
MPPT Tracking Range120~500VDC
Best VMP Working Range300~400VDC
MAX PV Input Voltage500VDC
MAX PV Charge Current100A
MAX AC Charge Current60A
MAX Charge Current100A
DisplayLCDCan display operating mode/load/input/output
RS2325PIN/Pitch2.54mm,Baud Rate 2400
Expansion Slot Communication Interface2×5PIN/Pitch2.54mm,
Lithium Battery BMS Communication Card,WIFI 2×5PIN/Pitch2.54mm
Parallel InterfaceNot Support Paralle
Ambient TemperatureOperating Temperature0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature-15℃~60℃
Ork AltitudeNo more than 1000m,If 1000m<,Rate power will lower,MAX 4000m,Refer IEC62040 to IEC62040
Operating Environment Humidity20%~95% Non Condensing
Standards and CertificationsEN-IEC 60335-1,EN-IEC 60335-2-29,IEC 62109-1



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Additional information

Dimensions50 × 32 × 13 cm


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