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FOTOVO Deep Cycle 100AH 12V Lithium Battery


FL-A12-B300 12V lithium lon battery

  • 12.8V 100ah 200ah
  • 0.5c/1c
  • Support 4 sets in series
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 330*175*215mm / 525*240*220mm
  • 11.5kg (about) / 21.5kg (about)


Searching for a reliable and effective deep cycle lithium battery? Look no more than the 12V Lithium Ion Battery available in 100Ah and 200Ah capacities.

12V Lithium Lon Battery

This innovative battery flaunts attributes that make it perfect for both expert and individual use.

The lithium battery can bring you:
  • Monitor your battery with ease. You can use a smartphone application to track performance and status with Bluetooth connectivity. So, this offers you complete control over your battery’s health.
  • Built to withstand the components. The IP65 water-proof ranking makes certain the battery runs safely even in damp or messy conditions. This makes it a great option for exterior journeys, boats, or anywhere else water exposure is a worry.
  • Long-lasting efficiency. This 12v lithium battery delivers trusted power for many years to come, many thanks to its extended cycle life. With correct care, you can expect phenomenal performance without worrying about a quick decline in efficiency.
  • Scalable power for your demands. Required more power? Not a problem! This battery allows for series link of as much as 4 systems, offering you increased power result and versatility in your setup. Whether you require a single battery or a powerful financial institution, this choice has you covered.
  • No climate restrictions. The low-temperature self-heating feature assurances optimum efficiency, even in cool environments.
  • Deal with demanding applications. Due to their high discharge rate, these batteries can confidently power demanding electrical and electronic products.

Tailor your 12v lithium battery (optional). Intend to add an individual touch? Some producers offer customization options, permitting you to brand the battery with your very own logo design.

Finally, choose from two abilities. With capabilities of 100Ah or 200Ah, you can select the battery that finest matches your power storage space requirements.

In summary, the 12V Lithium Ion Battery provides unequaled efficiency, reliability, and customization, making it the ideal option for various applications.



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