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FOTOVO DC Power Distribution Cabinet for Electrical Systems

Model NumberFTV-DC-7I2O
Product NameDistribution Cabinet
Product TypeOne control by one
Box / Cabinet SizeCustomizable
FunctionStart Stop
SpecificationsSupport customization
Box / Cabinet Thickness0.8/1.2/1.5mm


Introducing the Future of Solar Power Distribution: Our Modular Solar Distribution Cabinet

This groundbreaking solar power distribution cabinet boasts an array of cutting-edge features.

Moreover, those features can streamline your solar energy system and ensure its smooth operation.

Modular Design for Scalability and Easy Maintenance:

Unlike traditional cabinets, ours boasts a unique modular design. And then, this allows for the expansion of functional units within the cabinet itself. This translates to significant benefits:

  • Reduced Cabinet Footprint

By adding functionalities within a single cabinet, you can minimize the total number of cabinets needed for your system.

  • Simplified Maintenance

The units themselves are removable. So we can quickly and easily replace failing units.

Enhanced System Monitoring and Diagnostics:

This power distribution cabinet goes beyond simple distribution. At the same time, it integrates a sophisticated diagnostic function. This feature enables the rapid and accurate identification of the location and nature of any fault within the system. Additionally, the cabinet archives data on power supply parameters and equipment status. This invaluable data allows for in-depth analysis of system events, aiding in preventative maintenance and system optimization.

Built for Durability and Safety:

Crafted from premium materials, the power distribution cabinet adheres to rigorous safety regulations. It is sealed. So it can protect the internal components from environmental factors.


This solar distribution cabinet is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Residential solar power systems
  • Commercial solar installations
  • Industrial solar farms
Typical Components:

We can customize cabinets to meet your specific needs. Common components include:

  • Circuit Breakers

These safeguard your system from overcurrents.

  • Dual Power Automatic Changeover Switch

This ensures seamless switching between grid power and solar power.

  • Surge Protector

This shields your system from damaging voltage spikes.

  • Meters

These devices provide real-time data on voltage, current and power generation.

So, by integrating these advanced features,  this solar power distribution cabinet provides a comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable solar power distribution.


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