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FOTOVO C&I 50KW 60KW 70kW On Grid 3-Phase Inverter


FI-E70KTR-ON 3-Phase Grid-Tie inverter

  • Rated Output Power: 50kW-70kW
  • Rated Grid Voltage: 230Vac / 400Vac; 277Vac / 480Vac
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 650 x 450 x 260 mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • 4MPP Trackers; Wide MPPT voltage range:200V-1000V
  • Communication: RS485(Optional:WiFi / GPRS / Ethernet)
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FOTOVO C&I 50-70kW On Grid 3-Phase Inverter– your entrance to a smooth and efficient solar energy system.

Introducing the Three Phase On Grid Inverter

With its innovative attributes and innovative modern technology, this solar inverter can take full advantage of power generation and maximize your renewable resource investment.

Geared up with 4 MPP Trackers, this solar inverter ensures high solitary circuit tracking accuracy. This enables precise control and optimum power harvesting. Its rapid vibrant action allows speedy adaptation to altering ecological problems, making certain consistent and dependable efficiency throughout the day.

Featuring an optimum input power of 112kW and an optimum input voltage of 1100V, this on grid 3-phase inverter can deal with high-power installments easily. What’s more, you can customize the ranked output power of 70kW to suit your certain energy needs. This offers versatility and scalability for your planetary system.

With a remarkable effectiveness ranking of up to 98.80%, this on grid 3-phase inverter optimizes the conversion of sunlight into useful power. So that this can result in higher energy yields. Its compliance with globally recognized qualifications such as IEC/EN 62109-1/ 2, EN50549. These certifications ensure safety and security, integrity, and peace of mind.

Developed for ease of usage, the on grid 3-phase inverter is equipped with an easy to use LCD/LED+APP present that offers real-time surveillance of vital system parameters. Additionally, it provides different interaction alternatives including standard RS485 and optional WiFi/GPRS/Ethernet connection. This can permit you to remotely keep an eye on and regulate your planetary system effortlessly.

With its IP66 defense level and smart cooling technique, this solar inverter is developed to stand up to harsh weather while guaranteeing effective warmth dissipation for long term performance. Its small measurements (650 x 450 x 260 mm) make it simple to mount in both residential and commercial setups.

So, experience the next level of solar power usage with the 50-70kW On Grid 3-Phase Inverter. Harness the power of the sunlight and embrace a sustainable future.



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