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FOTOVO 90-175W Mono Lightweight Flexible Solar Panels

Solar CellMono (6 inches)Mono (5 inches)Mono (5 inches)
No.of Cells36(4×09)36 (4 xo9)32(4x 08)
Module Dimensions1520×700×2 mm1219x546x2 mm1092×546×2 mm
Weight3.5 kgs1.9 kgs1.7 kgs
SKU: FSM90-175M-FL Categories: , Tag: Product ID: 26089


FOTOVO Flexible Solar Panel: Unleash Flexible Power for Your Adventures

Flexible Solar panels, also called flexible solar modules, are the cornerstone of any solar power system. They play the vital role of converting sunlight into usable electricity. The usable electricity can then be directly used, stored in batteries, or employed to power various appliances.

FOTOVO’s Innovation: Unmatched Versatility:

Introducing FOTOVO’s advanced rounded fiberglass solar panel, crafted from a highly versatile fiberglass product that flexes as much as 270 degrees. This cutting-edge design allows for seamless integration on a bigger series of surfaces contrasted to typical monocrystalline silicon panels. FOTOVO’s panels supply remarkable flexibility and varied mounting options, opening a globe of possibilities for including solar power right into your life.

Essential Specs:

Flexible Solar Panel Dimensions FSM90-175M-FL

Lightweight Champion:

Measuring a mere 2.0 mm thin and tipping the scales at just 7.72 extra pounds, the FOTOVO curved fiberglass photovoltaic panel flaunts an ultra-slim and light-weight layout. This translates to simple and easy setup and space efficiency. It is the ideal solution for limited rooms in automobiles, RVs, or compact living areas. Moreover, its mobility goes beyond that of standard panels, making it an excellent buddy for off-grid journeys.

Built to Endure:

FOTOVO’s bent fiberglass flexible solar panels are crafted for lasting performance. They are IP68 waterproof, guaranteeing extraordinary durability and performance even when fully immersed in water or exposed to rough weather. In addition, these panels are designed to stand up to high winds (up to 2400 Pa) and hefty snow loads (as much as 5400 ). Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction further assures an extensive lifespan, giving you satisfaction for years ahead.

Uncomplicated Installation & Expandable Power:

Say goodbye to intricate boring or elaborate placing bracket prep work. FOTOVO’s versatile style permits a streamlined setup process. Just utilize silicone glue or installing tape to protect the panel to your private yacht, MOTOR HOME, or other wanted surface. This user-friendly method makes installment and transport a wind. Additionally, attaching the panel to your controller is a snap with the consisted of MC4 port. And for those seeking to expand their solar power capabilities, FOTOVO panels offer the adaptability of attaching added panels in series or parallel arrangements, enabling you to customize your system to meet your certain power needs.

Remember to think about elements like optimum existing and voltage when making these links. It’s additionally vital to keep in mind that some controllers might have differing impacts on the total power generation effectiveness of your panels



bifacial solar modules for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions152 × 70 × 0.2 cm


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