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FOTOVO 700 Watt 33 Volt 18BB N-Type Bifacial Solar Panel


Maximize your solar investment with the versatile 210mm 18BB TOPCon mono bifacial solar panel. This panel harnesses sunlight on both sides. Combined with its high efficiency TOPCon technology and large size, this panel delivers exceptional value for homeowners and businesses seeking a powerful and space-saving solar solution. 


Introducing the advanced 210mm 18bb Topcon half-cell bifacial 700 watt solar panel, an advanced advancement in the field of solar energy technology. This high-performance solar panel is designed to make the most of power outcome and efficiency. It is a suitable choice for household, industrial, and utility-scale solar projects.

700watt solar panel

Key Features

Bifacial Technology: The 210mm 18bb Topcon half-cell 700 watt pv module has the innovative bifacial technology, allowing it to record sunlight from both the front and back sides of the panel. This ingenious style substantially enhances power yield and general performance, making it a remarkable choice for different installment circumstances.

High Power Outcome: With a power outcome ranging from 670W to 705W, this pv module supplies phenomenal electrical energy generation, providing greater power production contrasted to traditional photovoltaic panels. Besides, its high power outcome makes it suitable for applications calling for maximum power harvest in restricted rooms.

Topcon Half-Cell Design: Making use of Topcon half-cell innovation enhances the panel’s efficiency by lowering resisting losses and increasing the panel’s integrity. Furthermore, this layout attribute additionally boosts the panel’s resistance to shading and boosts its longevity under different ecological conditions.

Toughness and Reliability: The 210mm 18bb Topcon half-cell 700 watt solar panel is suitable to rough environmental problems, making it very sturdy and trusted for long-term use. What’s more, its durable building and construction and top quality materials ensure stable performance and long life, supplying satisfaction for planetary system owners.

Versatile Applications: Whether for residential roofs, business setups, or utility-scale solar ranches, this bifacial photovoltaic panel is functional and versatile for a wide range of solar jobs.

Industry-Leading Warranty: Backed by an industry-leading warranty, clients can count on the long-term efficiency and reliability of the 210mm 18bb Topcon half-cell 700 watt solar panel, offering added assurance and value for solar investment.

More Details about Bifacial 700w Solar Panel


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight39.2 kg
Dimensions239 × 131 × 3.5 cm
Cell Type

210*105 N Type Bifacial Mono

No. of Cells






Front Glass

2.0mm AR coating tempered glass


Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction box

IP68 3diodes

Output cables

4mm² cable 35cm(Including MC4 connector)

Max Wind Load/Snow Load



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