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FOTOVO 5627WH High Capacity Portable Power Generator Battery

FLI-RB5800 portable power generator battery

  • Power: 3500W
  • Battery Capacity:5627Wh
  • Size:630x310x410mm
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4/NCM
  • Weight: 43KG


FOTOVO FLI-RP5800 portable power generator battery — Keep Your Projects Going Anywhere

Introducing the All-Powerful portable power generator battery

This innovative portable power generator battery is your on-demand energy source. It’s perfect for powering projects and appliances at home, during outages, or even on remote jobsites.

Here are some main features of this portable power station:
  • Unleash 3500W of Power:

Run high-wattage equipment with ease. Whether you need to operate 220V power tools, lighting systems for nighttime construction, or even a 48V DC welding machine (φ2.5-3.2mm electrode), this station provides the muscle you need.

  • Built to Last:

The long-life lithium battery boasts a lifespan of 8-10 years and comes with a full-range protection circuit. This can ensure safe and reliable operation. Fast charging gets you back in action quickly – reaching 80% in just 2 hours and a full charge in only 3 hours.

  • Safety First:

Never worry about overloading your equipment. This portable power generator battery features a built-in overload protection device that safeguards your valuable tools from electrical surges.

  • Versatility at Your Fingertips:

This power station offers a variety of outputs to keep all your devices running. Provide 16A current for charging your car’s battery, or utilize the high-power DC output via USB and Type-C ports for smaller electronics.

  • Portable Powerhouse:

Despite its impressive power capabilities, this portable power station remains remarkably portable. The hand-rod box design is lightweight (43kg) and convenient to carry, making it ideal for various applications.

  • Stay Powered Up, Anywhere:

This all-in-one solution ensures you’re never without power, whether you’re working on a jobsite, enjoying outdoor activities, or experiencing a power outage at home. With its exceptional capacity, versatility, and safety features, this portable power station is the ultimate companion for anyone who demands reliable power on the go.

And also, some main parameters:



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