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FOTOVO 3-5kW All in One Solar System for Home

Model Number:FS-5KW-AESS
System Type:Hybrid Solar System
Solar Power:3KW/5KW
Rated Capacity100Ah
SKU: FS-5KW-AESS Categories: , Tag: Product ID: 25136


FOTOVO’S domestic energy storage all in one solar system All in One with high energy density LFP batteries. This system offers flexible customization with capacities ranging from 2.5kWh to 5kWh. With the BMS management system, it has a cycle life of more than one decade and is suitable for setup in rental properties, workplace areas and other circumstances.

Nominal Voltage25.6V51.2V
Rated Capacity100Ah100Ah
Inverter Power3KW5KW
MPPT voltage range120-430Vdc120-430Vdc
Protection DegreeIP21IP21
Weight (kg)29kg(about)56kg(about)


This powerful system isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy. It’s developed to be personalized to your details needs! Our expert salespeople can aid you customize a configuration that completely integrates solar, generators, batteries, and your existing power demands. Get in touch with us today to discuss your special needs and produce your extremely own energy service.


Why pick this all-in-one solar system?
  • Straightforward and adaptable: Modular design, easy installment and procedure; Assistance battery growth.
  • Cost-effective & friendly: System cycle life ≥ one decade; Assistance optimal tons shifting and crucial lots back-up.
  • Customization: Our team analyzes your power consumption to design a system. What’s more, it will meet over 90% of your electrical needs. At the same time, stackable floor standing ALL-IN-ONE is readily available and it can be paralleled to an optimum of 30kw.
  • Smart and efficient: Integrated BMS administration system to support smart administration; Suitable with RS485/ CAN interaction interface.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the advantages of a home solar system?
  1. Solar photovoltaic power generation performance is secure and reputable, with a life span of greater than 25 years;
  2. Tiny financial investment, huge earnings;
  3. No contamination;
  4. Reduced maintenance expenses.
  • Can my system be increased in the future?

Absolutely! If your energy requirements evolve, this system can integrate additional parts, such as solar panels or batteries.

  • The number of photovoltaic panels or just how much solar energy do I need for my solar system?

The number of photovoltaic panels needed for a solar system depends upon your everyday energy usage and the capacity of photovoltaic panels.

  • The amount of batteries do l need for the planetary system?

When choosing a battery, consider your daily workload; a larger capacity battery will last longer on long workdays.

  • Should l place the solar panels on the roofing system or on the ground?

Roof placing is much more very discreet and uses existing room. Ground mounting will take up additional room but provides much easier accessibility for cleaning/maintenance.


10kw grid tie solar system


Additional information

Weight56 kg
Dimensions50 × 14 × 70 cm


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