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FOTOVO 100-150KW Three Phase Grid Tie Solar Power System

Solar Panel TypeMonocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Warranty5 years (standard) / 10 years (optional)
Output Voltage (V)230Vac / 400Vac, 3L / N / PE, 3L / PE
Output Frequency50/60HZ
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Customized Solar PV System

we are dedicated to aiding our customers unlock the various benefits of solar power, if you don’t know how to choose, then this grid tie solar power system is your best choice. Whether you are homeowner, solar representative, solar installer, or contractor, we have the know-how to deal with your unique needs. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, so we are committed to tailoring our options to your goals.

Commercial 100-150kw On Grid Solar System
150KW On Grid Three Phase Solar Power System Equipment List
550W Mono Solar Panel192pcs208pcs224pcs240pcs280pcs
Grid Tied InverterFS-150KW-ON(  Customized Optional )
DC Cable800m 4mm2 halfred half black900m 4mm2 halfred half black1000m 4mm2 halfred half black1000m 4mm2 halfred half black1000m 4mm2 halfred half black
MC4 Connector30pairs30pairs40pairs40pairs40pairs
Mounting SystemGround or Roof ( Customized Optional )
Solar Inverter

Introducing the FOTOVO 100-150kW Three Phase Grid-tied Solar Inverter, a game-changer in solar energy remedies. Its IP65 ranking makes sure sturdiness and security versus harsh weather conditions, while the light weight aluminum room assurances long life. Enjoy assurance with a 5 +5 years warranty and the included safety of item obligation insurance policy. Select between lithium-ion or lead-acid battery alternatives and experience optimum performance with a remarkable 98.7% performance rating. Modification is additionally readily available for tailored solutions.


Photovoltaic panel

Introducing the FOTOVO Photovoltaic Panel, a game-changer in renewable resource. Harness the power of the sun with our high-grade poly, mono, and PERC solar panels. With 0-5W positive power tolerance and PID complimentary PV components, you can count on premium performance. Our panels go through an extensive 100% full EL inspection, making certain first-class quality assurance. And also, appreciate peace of mind with a 25-year warranty. Sign up with the environment-friendly change and begin reducing your energy costs today with FOTOVO Photovoltaic panel.


Placing Brackets

Introducing FOTOVO Grid-tie Solar System Mounting Braces! Safely set up photovoltaic panels on your roofing, flat surface area, ground, or car park. With a lifetime of 25 years, these braces make sure durable assistance for your planetary system. Prepare to harness the power of the sun with ease and efficiency.


System Accessories.

Introducing FOTOVO Grid Tie Solar Power System Accessories! IP65-rated for longevity. Complete your configuration with our premium MC4 ports and PV cables available in numerous dimensions. Black basic color, with red as an optional choice. Designed to last 25 years. Harness the power of the sunlight with confidence and dependability.



10kw grid tie solar system

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions105 × 66 × 33 cm


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