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Customized Off Grid Solar Kit 1-5.5kW Complete Energy Storage System

Solar Panel TypeMonocrystalline Silicon / Polycrystalline
Battery TypeLead-Acid, Lithium Ion, GEL
Controller TypeMPPT/PWM
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Searching for a complete off grid solar kit that’s easy to configuration & set up, includes lithium batteries and has the ability to hook up to solar, fuel/backup generator or energy power?

Look no more! Our all-in-one, off grid solar kit was designed with every one of this in mind – Simplicity. Worth. Dependability.


We firstly put together, cable, and examination all the components required to run your off grid solar kit right in our warehouse. In addition, our developers are good at building flexible systems if your energy requires alteration in the future.


Common Uses: Small cabins, sheds, shops, barns, little homes, tiny motor home’s, mini home backup and more!

Meanwhile quickly expanding in the future, you can add more batteries and solar panels as you need.

Then what is included in a off grid solar kit?
3KW  Off Grid Solar System
1Solar PanelMono 450W solar panel (adjustable)7 pieces
2Combiner Box6 inputs 2 outputs(customization is availabel)1 piece
3Solar charge controller120V 100A1 piece
4Lithium Battery12V 250AH (adjustable)2 pieces
5Off-grid Inverter\1 piece
6Mounting SupportPitched / flat roof / ground (customization is availabel)1 piece
7CableSingle-core 4mm and 10mm PV cable80 meters(customization is available)
8ConnectorSolar connector5 pairs

*  This is a sample about 3kW off grid solar kit.

If you want to customize a off grid solar kit, first you have to find out what the load power is at home, and then choose the type of system according to the environment you live in. Finally, if you are new to the solar system, then please contact us.

Each package includes mono solar panels, solar inverters, cables as well as connectors. Additionally, if you need to rise and keep up peaceful, free, and trusted solar power, all backed by our lifetime customer assistance (email & phone).

Last but not least, experience simplicity, value, and reliability with our complete solar kit plans!


Solar Panel
  • High Efficiency PV Cells
  • Appearance Consistency
  • Anti-PID
MPPT Solar Charge Controller Inverter
  • 25 years Warranty
  • Highest conversion efficiency of 17%
  • Dirt and dust-resistant coatings minimize energy reduction.
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance
  • PID Resistant, High salt and ammonia resistance
Lithium Battery
  • High and low temperature (-40—60 ℃)use a wide range
  • Battery overcharge, discharge capacity, fast recovery
  • Seal reaction rate >99%, to achieve real maintenance-free
  • High energy density, long lifespan.
  • Has a good small current deep cycle discharge performance, charge and discharge cycle life
Mounting Support
  • Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)
  • Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)
  • Ground Solar Mounting system
  • Vertical wall solar mounting system
  • All aluminum structure solar mounting system
  • Car parking solar mounting system




Off Grid solar Kit

Additional information

Weight8.5 kg
Dimensions50 × 32 × 13 cm


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