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670-705W N Type Half Cell HJT Bifacial Solar Modules

High Efficiency N Type Half Cell HJT Double Glass Wholesale Solar Modules

Item NO. :FH670-700-33V-MH
Cell Type :HJT 210 x 105mm (customized)
Max Power :720W
Module Efficiency :23.18%
Certificate :ISO, IEC
Warranty :30 years Output Power Warranty


Introducing the next generation of bifacial solar modules: n-type HJT technology. The solar industry is constantly evolving, and N-type Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (HJT) technology is at the forefront of this advancement. This innovative panel design offers several advantages over traditional solar panels . So it is a compelling choice for homeowners and businesses.

hjt bifacial solar photovoltaic module


HJT Technology Overview:

HJT solar panels combine crystalline silicon wafers with a thin layer of amorphous silicon. This unique structure allows them to achieve superior efficiency and performance compared to traditional P-type panels.

Here’s what sets HJT technology apart:


  • Lower Temperature Coefficient:

HJT panels experience less efficiency degradation in high temperatures, resulting in more consistent power output throughout the year. This is crucial in sunny climates where temperatures can soar.

  • Better Low-Light Performance:

HJT solar panels perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions, generating more electricity on overcast days or in the early morning/evening hours.

  • Reduced LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy):

These factors combine to effectively reduce the LCOE, which is the total cost of generating electricity over the lifetime of the solar panel system.

700-720W HJT custom solar modules spec

HJT Solar Panel Specifications:
  • Fire Class A:

HJT panels boast a fire rating of Class A, signifying exceptional fire safety for added peace of mind.

  • Double-Glass Structure:

This design offers superior durability and weather resistance. Hence, these bifacial solar modules suitable for harsh environments.

  • 30-Year Power Warranty:

Enjoy long-lasting performance with a 30-year power warranty, exceeding the lifespan of traditional single-glass modules.

  • Double-Sided Power Generation:

HJT panels capture sunlight from both the front and back surfaces, increasing overall energy production by 7%-30%.

Technical Information:
  • Power Range:700-720 watts per panel
  • Dimensions:2384 x 1303 x 33 millimeters
  • Cable: 4.0 mm²
  • Junction Box:IP68 rated for weather resistance, with 3 bypass diodes for enhanced reliability
  • Module Efficiency:18%
  • Power Tolerance:0~+3%
HJT vs. TOPCon:

TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) is another promising N-type technology. Both HJT and TOPCon offer superior performance compared to P-type panels. However, HJT currently boasts a slight edge in efficiency and low-light performance.


What is an HJT Solar Panel?

An HJT solar panel is a type of N-type solar panel. It utilizes a unique layered structure to achieve superior efficiency and temperature coefficient compared to traditional P-type panels


Is HJT n type?

Yes, HJT bifacial solar modules are N-type panels. N-type panels generally outperform P-type panels in terms of efficiency, temperature coefficient, and light-induced degradation.



bifacial solar modules for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight38.3 kg
Dimensions234 × 131 × 3.3 cm


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