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590-630W N Type Half Cut HJT Mono Bifacial Solar Panel

Wholesale N Type Half Cell HJT Dual-glass Mono Bifacial Solar Module for Home

Item NO.:FH590-630-39V-MHD
Cell Type :HJT 210 x 105mm (customized)
Max Power:630W
Module Efficiency :22.6%
Certificate :ISO, IEC
Warranty :30 years Output Power Warranty
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This HJT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) bifacial solar panel is poised to revolutionize the industry. It offers homeowners and businesses a powerful solution for generating clean energy. Let’s explore the unique features and benefits of HJT bifacial panels to understand why they might be the perfect fit for your solar needs

Technical Specifications

Here’s a quick reference of the panel’s technical specifications:

  • Module Efficiency: 22.6%
  • Junction Box: IP67 (weatherproof)
  • Cable: 4.0mm2
  • Wind Load Capacity: 2400 Pa
  • Snow Load Capacity: 5400 Pa
Bifacial solar module specification FH-590-630-MHD

Built to Last, Guaranteed

Bifacial panels are engineered for exceptional longevity. Unlike conventional panels that typically come with a 25-year warranty, bifacial solar panel boasts an impressive 30-year quality warranty. This extended lifespan translates to peace of mind, knowing your investment will continue to generate clean energy for decades to come.

Powering Your Home, Efficiently

Bifacial HJT panels aren’t just about durability; they’re about maximizing your energy output. The innovative 1500V high system voltage design allows for efficient power transmission over longer distances. This translates to minimal energy loss and a maximized system output, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment.

Adaptable and Thriving in Any Environment

Durability extends beyond warranty.  The double-glass structure and special design cells ensure they can endure harsh environments. Additionally, their outstanding anti-PID performance minimizes power degradation over time, guaranteeing long-term reliability.

Double Duty Power Generation

Below’s where HJT panels truly shine. Unlike traditional single-sided panels that capture sunlight just from the front,  bifacial solar panel has two glass surface. This implies they can record sunshine from both the front and back surface areas, increasing total power manufacturing by a remarkable 7% to 30%. Picture creating more clean energy without any additional panels!

Beauty and Brains: A Winning Combination

HJT bifacial solar panels prioritize high light transmittance for ideal performance, however that does not suggest they have to jeopardize on looks. The bifacial layout permits a smooth and sophisticated look. So you can generate clean power while preserving a stunning curb appeal for your home.




bifacial solar modules for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight35.3 kg
Dimensions218 × 131 × 3.5 cm


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