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51.2V Wall Mount LiFePO4 Battery 200AH

Deep Cycle 200AH 51.2V LiFePO4 Battery

Nominal voltage48V/ 51.2V
Rated capacity200Ah
End-of-charge voltage54.0/ 58.0V
End-of-discharge voltage39.0/ 42.0V
Max. charge current100/200A
Max. discharge current100/ 200A
CommunicationRS485/ CAN/ BT (optional)
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Store Power Your Way with the FOTOVO Wall-Mount LiFePO4 Battery 200AH

lifepo4 batteries FLH-A512-W200-100

When it comes to sustainable energy solutions, the Wall Mount LiFePO4 Battery 200AH is a top choice for residential and commercial applications.

With a battery energy capacity of 10kWh and a rated capacity of 200Ah,  this battery pack is designed to provide reliable power storage for various energy needs. The Wall Mount LiFePO4 Battery features a nominal voltage of 51.2V/48V,  with optional communication protocols such as RS485, CAN, and Bluetooth.

This allows for seamless integration with existing energy management systems for efficient monitoring and control. One of the key advantages of this battery is its customizable appearance, allowing users to match the aesthetic of their space.

Additionally,  we can customize the communication to satisfy your communication requirements. So it is flexible for different situations. Another advantage is that it can be compatible with most inverters on the market, such as Deye , Hoymiles

The ultra-slim design makes installation simple and convenient,  while the multi-model design supports up to 15 units in parallel for increased storage capacity.

Overall, the Wall Mount LiFePO4 Battery is a perfect energy storage solution.  It offers high performance, easy installation, and customizable features for a variety of energy storage needs.

wall mount lifepo4 battery 200ahfor solar

LiFePO4 Battery 200ah Features:
  • Long-lasting, reliable LiFePO4 chemistry:ensures safety and extended lifespan.
  • High capacity (200Ah):provides ample energy storage to power your home through outages or offset everyday energy use.
  • Selectable voltage (51.2v or 48v):ensures compatibility with a wide range of inverters.
  • Enhanced communication (RS485/CAN/BT – optional):facilitates seamless integration with your existing monitoring system (options available).
  • Customizable design:personalize the battery’s appearance to match your aesthetics (availability may vary).
  • Communication protocol customization:for tailored integration with your specific system setup (consult for details).
  • Easy installation:simplifies setup for a quick and hassle-free experience.
  • Multi-model design:offers scalability; connect up to 15 batteries in parallel for increased capacity.
  • Ultra-slim design:optimizes space utilization within your home.

Invest in a secure and sustainable future with this feature-packed Wall Mount LiFePO4 Battery 200ah.


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Additional information

Weight92 kg
Dimensions85 × 47 × 15 cm


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