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50-150KW Battery Energy Storage System Hybrid Solar Kit for Commercial Use

Energy Hybrid Solar Kit: It mainly has solar power system(grid-tied & off-grid inverters, solar panels), battery energy storage system(AGM, GEL, lithium battery)

Model Number:FS-150KW-ESS
System Type:Energy Storage System
Solar Power:50kW / 60kW / 100kW / 150KW
Output Voltage:380V-400V
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Commercial Energy Storage System 50KW 100KW 150KW Hybrid Solar Kit

This hybrid solar kit is a shelf mountable battery energy storage system for island and huge industrial use.

It can provide safe and dependable power storage  for day-to-day usage and backup of large solar power storage systems.

Ideal for exterior usage, the system is straightforward to mount and works with many power storage inverters from industry leading suppliers consisting of Deye, Sol-Ark, SMA, Schneider, Growatt, Atess, Wilderness and a lot more.

Hybrid Inverter( KW)50KW100KW120KW150KW
550W Mono / Poly Solar Panel (Pcs)96200240280
PV Combiner Box (Set)1111
Lithium / Lead-acid Battery320~850V420~850V420~850V420~850V
Quantity of Battery (Pcs)Customization available
DC Cable (m)6008008001000


The energy storage system hybrid solar kit based upon power generally offers supporting solutions for the mixed frequency modulation of generator collections or the independent grid-side regularity modulation to manage the tons changes. It is an important means to ensure the stable operation of power grid.


Energy-based energy storage systems are generally made use of for grid helped peak shaving, new energy generation and user-side optimal shaving. It can give power assistance to guarantee the grid regularity security, or as a backup source of power.

One-stop service


FOTOVO offers an all-in-one solution that includes:

  1. Battery pack
  2. PCS system (Power Conversion System)
  3. BMS system (Battery Management System)
  4. Cooling system
  5. Firefighting system
  6. System monitoring

The built-in EMS will from another location keep track of the operation status and data of the system and wisely control and collaborate all components.


Long battery life

Battery life has a direct influence on investment return. Under normal upkeep, the cycle life of the hybrid solar kit can get to greater than 1 million times. The BMS keeps track of existing, voltage, and various other data in real-time, and it will disconnect the battery pack as soon as a problem is found.


Air-cooling system

In order to give the battery with an optimal functioning temperature level, the container has an independent air duct design. Furthermore, it equipped with special commercial air conditioning, to ensure the warm dissipation of the system.


Modular architecture

The hybrid solar kit adopts a modular design and is easy to expand. Customization are available.

Fault early caution

Based on the procedure of tools, historic information, abnormal problems, and the fostering of expert system algorithms to mirror the pattern of faults, to achieve exact forecast of mistakes.




100kW hybrid solar kit

Additional information

Weight1310 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 205 cm


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