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50-100KW On Grid Three Phase Solar Power System Kit

Solar Panel TypeMonocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Warranty5 years (standard) / 10 years (optional)
Output Voltage (V)127Vac / 220Vac, 3L / N / PE, 3L / PE
Output Frequency50/60HZ
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 Solar Power System Kit Available

The sunlight is an important natural resource for the human race, and it is infinite and limitless. The solar power system kit is the concept of transforming solar radiation power gotten by the planet’s surface into electrical energy. A solar energy system is a power generation system that links solar modules, controllers, batteries, and tons. There are two primary kinds of solar power systems: on grid and off grid solar power systems.


The solar system includes solar panels, inverters, and controllers


Solar Panel: solar power system kit solar panel

A PV panel is the core part of the solar power system and the most important part of the solar energy system. Photovoltaic panels directly convert sunlight into electricity. Furthermore, their quality significantly impacts the overall system’s quality and cost.










Solar Inverter:

On numerous events, a solar inverter is important. In order to supply electrical power to the electrical devices, it is needed to transform the DC electric energy produced by the solar power system right into AC electrical power, so an inverter is called for. On some celebrations, when multiple voltage loads are needed, inverters are additionally used.








Solar Controller:

We can provide two solar controllers, one is MPPT, the other is PWM. The feature of the solar controller is to control the functioning status of the whole solar PV system. In addition, it can protect the battery from charging and over-discharging. In position with huge temperature level distinctions, a qualified controller needs to likewise have the function of temperature level settlement. Various other additional functions of the controller, such as light control switches and time control switches are optional.











10kw grid tie solar system

Additional information

Weight95 kg
Dimensions105 × 66 × 33 cm


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