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50-100kW Full Off Grid Solar Systems for Industry and Commerce

Model Number:FS-100KW-OFF
System Type:Off Grid Solar System
Solar Power:50kW / 60kW / 80kW / 100KW
Output Voltage:380V-400V
SKU: FS-100KW-OFF Category: Tags: , Product ID: 25171


FOTOVO: All-in-One Energy Storage Container Solutions

FOTOVO offers powerful and versatile energy storage container systems. The off-grid solar systems are suitable for long-scale applications as well as for remote areas.

Lithium Energy Storage Container Energy Storage System
Solar Panel100kW
PV Combiner BoxCustomized
Hybrid Solar Inverter100kW
Solar Battery PacksLithium Battery Packs BMS/MBMS/EMS Protection; 2V GEL/OPzV Batteries Optional
Battery Racks4 Racks
Data MonitorWifi Monitor/4G Terminal Monitor
PV Cable4/6mm2
We can provide installation manuals, technical datasheets, and guidance on inverter adjustment, testing, and configuration. If you want to learn more about it, please send us an inquiry!
Key Features:
  • Integrated Powerhouse: Each container combines a battery management system (BMS), power conversion system (PCS), temperature control, fire control, access control, data monitoring, and AC/DC power distribution – everything you need in one place. So, it is easy for newcomers.
  • Strength Tailored to You:  FOTOVO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Thererfore, our systems can be customized.
  • Safety First: FOTOVO prioritizes safety with a third-tier BMS architecture and a multi-stage charging process for optimal battery health.
  • Intelligent Management: The system boasts comprehensive communication, monitoring, and control features. It also includes early warning and protection functions.
FOTOVO Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Containers:


  • Modular Design: Our modular design allows for flexible configuration. In addition, we can customize it according to your project’s specific requirements.
  • Scalable Solutions: These containers are ideal for large-scale energy storage projects
  • Renewable Energy Integration:

FOTOVO systems can smoothen power output from solar (PV) and wind farms, minimizing grid impact.

  • Grid Management:

They can also help with peak shaving, frequency regulation, and grid stability.

  • Industrial and Commercial Use:

It provides energy solutions for both industrial buildings and commercial homes.


FOTOVO BESS Containers Can Help You:


  • Optimize New Energy Generation:

Smooth out power fluctuations from renewable sources for a more stable grid connection.


  • Improve Grid Reliability:

Help you save money by reducing peak demand charges, and act as a backup hero during outages.


  • Enhance Efficiency:

Facilitate smart grid integration and microgrid applications.


FOTOVO Energy Storage Container Systems include:
  • Battery packs
  • Power conversion system (PCS)
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • Cooling system
  • Firefighting system
  • System monitoring

Finally, FOTOVO offers a comprehensive energy storage solution for large-scale applications. What’s more, we offer a reliable and efficient way to manage your power needs.


100kW off grid solar systems

Additional information

Weight735 kg
Dimensions106 × 705 × 165 cm


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