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460-485W N Type Half Cell HJT Bifacial Solar Panel

Item NO.:FH460-485-30V-MH
Cell Type :HJT 166 x 83mm (customized)
Maximum Power580 W
Module Efficiency :21.85%
Certificate :ISO, IEC,
Warranty :30 years Output Power Warranty


FOTOVO FH460-485-30V-MH 460-485W N Type Half Cell HJT Bifacial Solar Module- the pinnacle of solar panel technology.

460-485W N Type Bifacial Half Cell HJT Solar Panel

With its ultra-high efficiency, this solar panel is designed to outshine the competition and deliver exceptional performance.

Product parameters of the HJT Bifacial Solar Module

Main Features of the HJT Bifacial Solar Module

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, the 72-cell HJT solar module generate over 20W more power than full-size PERC modules. And then this can  result in a remarkable 10% increase in module efficiency. But that’s not all – thanks to its unique design, this solar panel boasts an ultra-high double-sided rate. This can allow for an additional 10%-35% back-side generation gain. This means you’ll get even more power from both sides of the panel, maximizing your energy output like never before.

Not only is this solar module incredibly efficient, but it also offers unrivaled reliability. By combining the dual advantages of double glass and HJT technology, this panel eliminates common issues like hot spots, cracks, and shading. Say goodbye to potential performance degradation caused by PID (Potential Induced Degradation) effect – this solar panel is built to last and maintain its optimal performance for years to come.

One of the standout features of this HJT bifacial solar module is its low temperature coefficient, which ensures better power generation gain. No matter the weather conditions or temperature fluctuations, you can rely on this solar panel to consistently deliver impressive results.

In addition to its exceptional performance, this solar panel also offers outstanding cost performance. Its ultra-high power and module efficiency can save BOS (Balance of System) costs, making it a wise investment for both residential and commercial applications.

Come to experience the future of solar energy with the 460-485W N Type Bifacial Half Cell HJT Solar Panel. Then, embrace its ultra-high efficiency, unmatched reliability, and impressive cost performance.


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer


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