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410-420W Half Cell N Type Shingled Solar Module

Item NO.:FS-410-420-MH
Solar Cell :Monocrystalline
Maximum Power (Pmax)415 W (customized)
Size :1720*1140*30 mm
Certificate :TUV,CE
Lead Time :Around 30 working days after receiving the payment
Warranty :15 years Product Warranty, 30 years Output Power Warranty


Shingled solar module

The world of solar energy is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging to improve efficiency and aesthetics. One such advancement is the shingled solar module, represented by the FS-410-420-MH model. This article delves into the world of shingled solar technology, exploring its advantages over traditional “normal” modules and its ideal applications.

Shingled vs. Normal Modules

While shingled modules offer numerous advantages, it’s important to consider them in the context of conventional panels. Here’s a quick comparison:

The Advantages of Shingled Solar Modules

Shingled solar technology supplies a wide variety of benefits over typical components.

Allow’s check out some of the key benefits

  • Enhanced Power Output: By eliminating busbars and maximizing light capture, shingled modules can produce more power per square meter compared to their traditional equivalents. This equates to raised power production for your home or business, potentially reducing your dependence on the grid.
  • Enhanced Resilience: Shingled modules boast an even more robust design. The overlapping nature of the cells boosts color resistance and reduces the effect of micro-cracks, which can occur in conventional panels and hinder performance. This equates to a longer life-span for your solar investment.
  • Superior Aesthetic Appeals: Gone are the days of cumbersome, grid-laden solar panels. Shingled components provide a streamlined, uniform look because of the lack of busbars. This can be a considerable benefit for house owners and companies concerned with preserving a visually enticing property.
  • Much Better Performance in Shaded Conditions: Typical components can experience considerable power goes down when shaded, also by a small things. Nevertheless, the overlapping style of shingled components enables proceeded light capture also in partially shaded areas, bring about even more constant energy production.
Applications: Where Shingled Solar Components Beam

With their superior efficiency, longevity, and appearances, shingled solar components are a perfect suitable for a range of applications. They are suitable for:

  • Residential rooftops: Shingled components enhance the curb appeal of your home while providing phenomenal energy manufacturing.
  • Commercial buildings: The sleek aesthetic appeals of shingled modules match the modern layout of business structures. In addition, their high performance converts to substantial price savings on energy bills.
  • Areas with limited room: Because of their increased power output per square meter, shingled modules are fit for scenarios where roofing system area is a constraint.

Finally, shingled solar components stand for a significant development in solar modern technology. Their superior power output, toughness, appearances, and partial shading tolerance make them a compelling option for homeowners and businesses alike. As the technology matures and sets you back ended up being much more affordable, we can expect shingled components to play a significantly essential duty in the future of solar power.


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