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51.2V 200Ah Lithium Battery Storage Cabinet with Fireproof

Battery typeLithium iron phosphate
Nominal capacity(Ah)210
Rated voltage(V)51.2
Battery module number of single cluster2-4
Max.Energy capacity of single cluster(kWh)40
Max.Parallel number of battery clusters8
SKU: FLI-Y512-C200 Category: Tag: Product ID: 26275


Introducing the Intelligent Battery Storage Cabinet: Power Your Future

Envision a world where your home harnesses the sunlight’s power throughout the day, keeping it for usage at night or during unanticipated blackouts. This desire comes to be fact with the ingenious Battery Storage Cabinet.

solar system energy storage


Integrated Battery Management System (BMS):

Ensures optimum battery efficiency and safety and security through advanced cell tracking and defense.

All Fotovo lithium batteries are equipped with a BMS system to ensure battery safety. So, you can buy with confidence. If you want a specific quote, please click the button at the top


Dual-Language Present:

View and manage your battery’s wellness and standing in both Chinese and English for made the most of clarity.


Inverter Interaction:

It is easy to connect your inverter from the cabinet’s interface.


One-Touch System Administration:

Power on or off your entire system with a single, practical button.


Automated Identical Procedure:

Forget hand-operated configuration! Battery packs automatically incorporate for enhanced capability.


Remote Tracking and Control:

Take advantage of the power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for remote surveillance and control via an easy to use mobile application.


Scalable Power Solution:

Broaden your system effortlessly! This cabinet sustains up to 32 battery packs in parallel, enabling you to tailor your energy storage space ability.


Battery Storage Cabinet Specs FLI-Y512-C200


Satisfaction with Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology:

The Intelligent Battery Storage Cabinet utilizes top notch Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery components. This innovation offers various benefits:


Enhanced Safety: LiFePO4 batteries flaunt premium thermal security compared to other lithium-ion choices, decreasing the threat of getting too hot.


Prolonged Lifespan: LiFePO4 batteries supply a longer life expectancy, lasting for thousands of billing cycles.


How to store a battery cabinet

For optimum performance and longevity, consider these aspects when selecting a location for your battery closet room:


Temperature: Ideally, shop your system in a great, dry environment with temperature levels in between -30 ° C adn 60 ° C. Avoid extreme heat or cold.

Air flow: Make sure adequate air flow around the cabinet to avoid getting too hot.

Safety:  Even if this lithium battry storage cabinet has fireproof, place the system far from combustible products and out of straight sunshine. Consider a location iwth easy gain access to for maintenance.


How about the battery storage cabinet price
  • Battery Capability: Equipment with higher overall ability (kWh) will normally cost even more.


  • Attributes:Versions with additional features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for remote tracking will regulate a premium.


  • Brand name and Service Warranty:Trusted brand names with longer warranties may cost somewhat extra but supply peace of mind.


Fotovo is committed to providing customers with high quality products and competitive prices, and enjoy perfect after-sales service. So if you have any questions or requirements, please contact us at wy@elemac,cn


Conclusion: Invest in Your Future with Intelligent Energy Management

As we mentined before, the Intelligent Home Battery Cabinet is a game-changer for home owners seeking power independence and safety and security. With its smart attributes, progressed safety and security methods, and scalability, this cabinet encourages you to take control of your power intake.




energy storage lithium battery

Additional information

Dimensions47.9 × 70.0 × 140.8 cm


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