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FOTOVO 200-220W Customized Solar Power Flexible Panels for RV

Maximum Power Pmax200W
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)20.5V
Maximum Power Current (lmp)9.75A
open Circuit Voltage (Voc)24.19V
short Cirouit Current(Isc)10.72A
Dimenslon (mm)710x1585x2.5mm
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Harness the Sun’s Power Anywhere with Our Powerful, Portable 200-Watt Solar Power Flexible Solar Panels.

Imagine generating clean, reliable electricity wherever your adventures take you. Our innovative 200-watt semi-flexible solar panel makes it possible. We can customize all black, ETFE flexible modules according to your needs


Flexible Solar Panel Dimensions FSM200-220M-FL


Curves Are No Challenge:

Unlike traditional rigid solar panels that only work on flat surfaces, this panel’s bendable design, with a flex range of up to 30 degrees, effortlessly conforms to curved surfaces like RV roofs and yacht decks. This versatility opens up a world of possibilities for integrating solar power into your off-grid lifestyle.

Effortless Transportation and Installation:

Thanks to advanced polymer materials, this panel is a featherweight champion. At 70% lighter than conventional solar panels, it’s easy to transport and maneuver, making installation on your RV, boat, or other application a breeze.

Ultra-Thin Profile for Discreet Integration:

Measuring a mere tenth of an inch thick, this panel offers an incredibly low profile. This discreet design makes it ideal for situations where aesthetics are a concern, allowing you to seamlessly integrate solar power without compromising the look of your RV or yacht.

Built to Last, Ready for Anything:

We don’t compromise on quality. This panel is constructed using high-grade, 5-busbar monocrystalline solar cells, renowned for their efficiency and durability. Additionally, a fully sealed junction box protects the panel from moisture and ensures long-lasting performance.

Pre-drilled for Speedy Setup:

Save time and hassle with pre-drilled holes that make mounting and securing your panel a snap. This is perfect for non-permanent installations where quick setup and breakdown are essential.

Safety First:

Your safety is our priority. This panel boasts ISO, RoHS, and CE certifications, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards. Built-in short circuit and surge protection technology provide additional peace of mind, safeguarding you and your equipment.

Go Where the Sun Shines:

With its wide compatibility, this solar power flexible panels are a versatile power source for your RV, boat, cabin, tent, yacht, car, truck, trailer, and more. Whether you’re exploring remote locations or seeking energy independence closer to home, this solar panel is your reliable companion.

Invest in a 200-watt semi-flexible solar panel today and start experiencing the freedom and empowerment of solar energy on your next adventure!



bifacial solar modules for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions71 × 158.5 × 0.25 cm


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