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550-600W 144 Cells Bifacial Mono PERC Solar Panel

Battery TypeSingle crystal
Battery Slice144(6*24)
Component Size2274*1134*35mm
Glass Thickness 2.0mm
Border Type Anodized aluminum profile
Junction BoxIP68, 3SPLIT
Cable Section 4mm²(IEC),12AWG(UL)
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Introducing Our 550W Half-Cell Bifacial Solar Panel


We are proud to introduce our latest innovation in renewable energy: the state-of-the-art, half-cell mono PERC bifacial solar panel. This isn’t just your ordinary solar panel; it’s a powerhouse of clean energy, boasting an impressive maximum power output of 550W from its 144 half-cell P-type configuration.


p type bifacial solar panel certificates

High Power Output:


Moreover, you can rely on our product for its 0~+5W positive power tolerance guarantee, ensuring consistent and reliable energy production. This means you get the maximum power you’ve paid for, and sometimes even more.


Better Temperature Coefficient:


Significantly, our solar panel features a maximum power temperature coefficient of -0.35%/℃. Consequently, you achieve better performance in varying temperatures, making it efficient even in extreme climates.


Less Shielding Loss:


Furthermore, our product excels in reducing shielding loss. By optimizing the circuit design, the solar panel provides better resistance to hot spots, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and lifespan of the panel.


Stronger Mechanical Properties:


It has passed certification for a 2400pa wind load and a 5400pa snow load.


Quality Assurance:


Besides the above features, our solar panel comes with top-notch quality assurances. It includes a CE certification, and the junction box is rated at IP68. This rating means it is fully dust-tight and can withstand prolonged effects of immersion under pressure, guaranteeing optimal performance in any weather condition.


Industry-Leading Warranty:


What truly sets our solar panel apart is its industry-leading warranty. We offer a 12-year material and process warranty, along with a 25-year linear warranty. In the first year, you can expect a maximum decrease of only 2%, and from the second year to the 25th year, the annual decrease will be no more than 0.55%. This extensive warranty ensures your investment is protected and provides peace of mind.


Mono Perc Solar Panel Specs

Mono Perc Bifacial Solar Panel Specs FSM550-600M-HD


In conclusion, our 550W half-cell bifacial mono perc solar panel is not just an energy solution; it’s a smart investment for a sustainable future. With an overall component efficiency of 21.3%, you will experience the power of the sun like never before. Embrace a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow with our cutting-edge solar technology.



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Additional information

Weight28.9 kg
Dimensions227.4 × 113.4 × 3.5 cm


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