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525-550W PERC Mono Bifacial Solar Panel PV Module

Battery TypeSingle crystal
Battery Slice144(6*24)
Component Size2274*1134*30mm
Glass Thickness 2.0mm
Border Type Anodized aluminum profile
Junction BoxIP68, 3SPLIT
Cable Section 4mm²(IEC),12AWG(UL)
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Experience the power of the sun like never before with our half-cell PERC bifacial solar panel. It’s more than just a product; it’s our promise of a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow.

p type bifacial solar panel certificates


Features and Specs
  • Cutting-Edge Design:Our state-of-the-art half-cell PERC bifacial solar panel pv module utilizes advanced technology for superior performance.
  • Impressive Power Output:Boasting a remarkable 525-550W output from its 144 half-cell P-type configuration, this panel generates more clean energy, maximizing your investment.
  • Built to Last:Peace of mind comes standard with CE certification, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous safety and quality regulations. Additionally, the IP68-rated junction box provides superior protection against dust and water ingress, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range:Engineered to perform in any environment, this panel operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C.
  • Single-Crystal Efficiency:At the heart of this panel lies its single-crystal battery, meticulously crafted to deliver maximum efficiency and long-term power generation.
  • Exceptional Warranty:Invest with confidence thanks to our industry-leading warranty. Enjoy a comprehensive 12-year material and process warranty, followed by an impressive 25-year linear power output warranty. This guarantees minimal power degradation, with a maximum decrease of only 2% in the first year and 0.55% annually thereafter.
  • High Component Efficiency:This solar panel boasts a noteworthy component efficiency of 21.3%, maximizing energy production from sunlight.

Bifacial Solar Panel Specs FSM525-550M-HD

  • Superior Energy Generation:

The high 525-550W output translates to more clean energy generated, significantly reducing your reliance on the grid.


  • Exceptional Durability and Reliability:

The combination of CE certification and the IP68-rated junction box ensures exceptional durability and protection against the elements. This translates to a long-lasting, reliable solar panel investment.


  • Adaptable Performance:

The single-crystal battery technology combined with the broad operating temperature range guarantees consistent performance in diverse climates, from extreme cold to scorching heat.


  • Minimal Power Degradation:

Our extensive warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring minimal power degradation over time. This translates to reliable energy production for decades to come.


  • Enhanced Performance:

The high mechanical strength and reduced shielding loss further enhance the panel’s overall performance.

  • Lower Energy Bills and Reduced Carbon Footprint:

By maximizing energy production and minimizing reliance on the grid, you can expect significant savings on your electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.


  • Peace of Mind and Long-Term Security:

The robust design, rigorous certifications, and extensive warranties offer exceptional peace of mind. You can be confident in the longevity, safety, and reliable performance of your solar panel investment.


  • Versatile Use for Any Environment:

This adaptable solar panel thrives in a wide range of environments, making it a perfect solution for various climates and locations.


  • Sustainable Investment for the Future:

Embrace a sustainable future with our high-efficiency, robust solar panel pv module. It actively contributes to a cleaner planet by harnessing clean, renewable energy.



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Additional information

Weight24.3 kg
Dimensions227.4 × 113.4 × 3.0 cm


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