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440W N type Jinko Tiger Neo All Black Bifacial Solar Module


No. Of cells108(54*2)
Component Size1762*1134*30mm
Glass ThicknessDual glass, 2.0mm
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy frame
Junction BoxIP68, three diodes
Cable Section4mm2, length can be customized
Module TechnologyN-type, SMBB technology
Module Efficiency22.52%


Introducing the Cutting-Edge Jinko N-Type All Black Bifacial Module: Power Up Your Future
jinko solar panel
Why choose Jinko Tiger Neo?

Unleash the full potential of solar energy with the revolutionary Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type All Black Bifacial Module. This innovative panel is designed to maximize efficiency and performance. And then this can make it a perfect choice for homeowners and businesses seeking a sustainable and powerful solar solution.

Beyond the Brand: JinkoSolar is a leading name in the solar industry, renowned for its high-quality and reliable products. What’s more, The N-Type All Black Bifacial Module embodies this commitment to excellence.

Unpacking the Technology: Packed with cutting-edge features, this panel delivers superior results:
  • N-Type Technology with TOPCon: This advanced technology offers several advantages. N-type cells experience lower Light-induced degradation (LID) and LeTID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation), ensuring long-term power output.

And meanwhile, they perform better in low-light conditions to maximize energy production even on cloudy days.

  • JinkoSolar HOT 3.0 Technology: This proprietary technology further enhances the module’s reliability and efficiency, guaranteeing exceptional performance for years to come.
  • Dual-Sided Power Generation: Bifacial technology allows the panel to capture sunlight from both the front and back surfaces, significantly increasing overall energy generation. This feature is particularly beneficial when the back of the panel is exposed to reflective surfaces like light-colored roofs or snow.
Benefits You Can Count On: The Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type All Black Bifacial Module goes beyond efficiency.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Unmatched Efficiency: Boasts a remarkable module efficiency of 22.52%, converting more sunlight into electricity, maximizing your return on investment.
  • Durable Design: The module is built to last. It features a robust anodized aluminum alloy frame, dual 2.0mm tempered glass construction, and an IP68-rated junction box with three bypass diodes, ensuring exceptional weather resistance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Strength: This Jinko Tiger Neo panel is certified to withstand even harsh weather conditions. It can handle a front-side static load of 6000 Pa and a rear-side static load of 4000 Pa, giving you peace of mind.
  • Superior Aesthetics: The all-black design adds a sleek and modern touch to your rooftop, seamlessly integrating with your home’s aesthetics.

Additional information



Cell Type

N- type Mono-crystalline







Pallet Dimentions

1792×1140×1249 mm

Packing Detail (Two pallets = One stack)

37 pcs/pallets, 74 pcs/stack,
962 pcs/ 40'HQ Container


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